[ Active Zinc Oxide ]


This specification is applicable to natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and emulsion, with tremendous activation for the vulcanization. Its combination with fatty acid will lead to a high activity for the vulcanization accelerator.

Production Process:

The production method employed by this company is the wet process.
Prior to the reaction, toxic and harmful heavy metals such as lead and cadmium are removed (see the table shown below) ;then, the refining will be carried out.

  Active Zinc Oxide  French Process Zinc Oxide
Lead (Pb) (%) 0.0005  0.005-0.3
Surface area (m2/gr) 20~30  3~5

Advantage for Active Zinc Oxide

  1. It has a much lower content of heavy metals.

  2. It is very suitable for transparent or translucent rubber products and those with a low zinc oxide content.

  3. The super-fine particles of the product will disperse easily in the rubber. The 
    dosage is smaller than ordinary (French process) zinc oxide powders.

  4. A large dosage of the product can serve as the anti-softening agent, preventing rubber materials from being transformed easily. It also can be used as the filler for light-colored rubber.

  5. The tear resistance, tensile coefficient, and wear resistance of rubber products are all higher.

  6.  The range of vulcanization is larger, greatly reducing the danger of insufficient or excessive vulcanization.

  7.  Its content of heavy metals meets the strict standards of fodder additives, and the quality is excellent (refer to the attached table).

  8. Strict quality control allows the zinc oxide content of the finished product to reach the upper limit in that activity level (higher than the products of the same level available on the market), leading to the best condition of vulcanization, and offering the user the highest economic efficiency and quality.

  9. The features of active zinc oxide include smaller particle size than ordinary zinc oxide , lower content of impurities, and larger relative surface area. 

  10. It can be applied as the rubber activators, EVA and mineral additive of feed.

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